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Whether you want to build relationships, grow your following, offer great customer service, chat about industry news, advertise a competition, or launch a new product on social media you need to be able to incorporate your brand’s character and uniqueness. Although it can be used as a “selling” tool, it should not be its sole purpose.

Every single piece of content you share should support your brand’s image and work towards reaching your long term goals. If you make it a priority to consistently share great content and work at engaging your audience, your brand building efforts are bound to pay off in the long-run.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 3 brands that are doing well with their social media:

1. Coca-Cola

Coke is one of the most popular brands on Facebook with a massive following in excess of 97 million users. Their page is filled with interactive competitions that encourage their fans to take part in the fun, tips on being environment friendly and looking after our planet, and their unique eye-catching visuals that gives the feeling of enjoying an ice cold Coke, aided by the hashtag: #Enjoythefeeling. They owe their success to a combination of TV ads, billboard banners and, of course, social media.

2. Oreo

Who would think a cookie company would have such a huge following of over 42 Million followers on Facebook? If you visit their page you will soon find out why they are such a hit: they have a blend of relevant content that is always up-to-date with trending topics. The brand’s social team constantly keep their eye on the news and then spend a few hours preparing a post that relates to their product.

3. Pampers

This company has created a community of over 16 Million with the help of social media. They have taken a nappy and turned it into more than just a tangible object by creating a platform to share advice, feelings and memories. They highlight the brand’s various charity partnerships and allow a degree of openness which allows the brand to display their culture and human side to their followers.

Although these brands are already well known, your brand can create a similar presence on a smaller scale. By using social media you can open doors to your consumers to interact, support and grow long term relationships all while keeping them up-to-date with your product or service offerings. The idea is to always be in the consumers mind by posting regularly but always remember we are guests in the social world.

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