Social Media: Good for My Business?

Social media is a great tool to communicate with your friends on a personal level but it also serves an important purpose for business. It can be used as a form of advertising, community building, brand awareness and marketing, among other things. Business’ presence on social media is becoming more and more important as technology advances. Here are some reasons why businesses choose to use social media.

Direct access to your audience

Social media allows you to communicate directly with your target audience. With paid ads, you are also able to reach people of a similar demographic that may not have heard of your brand before.

Allows you to create “exclusive” content for your online followers

You are able to reward your online following by offering them content that they would only receive once they are following your brand on social media. This gives the feeling of exclusivity and will in turn attract intrigued followers.

Personalises your brand, gives it a human feel

When you are able to communicate directly with your audience, it adds the human element that you lack with traditional advertising. Engaging with your audience – whether you are responding to a complaint or thanking someone for a recommendation – is seen by other users of social media and that personal touch makes them more likely to engage with you.

Helps you to build a community

Once you are able to communicate easily with a wide range of people, you can lead conversations in whichever way you choose. This encourages users to interact with each other – with your brand as a focus point – and this creates a community of people who otherwise would never have communicated with each other.

Allows you to create a real-time brand awareness campaign

Social media is a great way to generate awareness. You can use it as a tool to draw attention to whatever it is that you are doing as a company. For example, if you are launching a product, social media can help you to reach more people prior to, during, and after your said launch. This promotes discussion about your product and more people will be aware of it.

Cost effective, great return on investment

Social media platforms are generally free to join so you are able to create a social media presence at no cost to your company. However, once you have a presence it is imperative that you maintain, promote and generate great content for your social media channels. You also have the option of using paid ads to promote your business to a wider range of people, but if you do not have consistent, informative content then you may as well not be on social media. Even with paid ads, your potential return on investment will be well worth the initial outlay of capital.

The last thing you need as a business is to be left behind by your competitors. A strong online presence is what you need to keep up with your technologically savvy audience.

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