Positives of Social Media

We are all aware that social media is part of our lives. Most people we know have, at least, a Facebook account. It has given rise to a new generation of well informed people and lazy journalists. As with everything that becomes popular, however, naysayers pop up. They say that social media is addictive, destructive, distracting, among other things. One comes to expect that reaction, and they may have a few valid points, but we can choose not to focus on the negativity and focus on the positives, which is what I am going to do today. I would like to explain why I think that social media is a massive positive in this day and age:

It fits in with your lifestyle

We all have our lot in life. Some of us are meant to be super social, outgoing and have tons of fun in bars and clubs, whereas some of us are meant to sit in dark rooms with a cup of tea and a bowl of biltong watching House MD re-runs. As I’m sure you picked up based on that accurate explanation of both, there are times where I fit into either category. The common factor, though, is the presence of a social media account. Whilst sitting alone and having “me-time”, I find myself logging on to social network just to see what is going on. I expect to see my friends posting about their evening’s activities and live vicariously through them. If I am out, I would use social media to find out what is going on around me in order to make the most of my evening and do as much as possible in the surrounding area.

Helps you to meet new people

Social media allows you to participate in conversations with people all over the world. Whether you are discussing current events or what the best movie of all time is, social media helps you to connect with people in places you never knew existed. The internet has made the world a small place and social media has made it even smaller. Because social media is such an instant source of information, people learn about issues quicker and because the social media spectrum is so vast, millions of people can be reached. This combination of speed and density is one that can spread positivity very quickly.

Brings out the best in people

The majority of people in this world are good people that genuinely want to see the next person succeed. Sometimes we are too hung up on negative things to notice. You may notice on your news feed that the people that get the most likes and comments are ones that have achieved something special, like graduating, getting a promotion, having a baby, getting married or made a bold move, like starting a business. People show their support because they are genuinely interested in building people up. Let us not forget that negativity makes news because it is the opposite of our human nature and invokes a response from us – usually empathy.

Gives you more information about people you meet

What’s the first thing you do after you have met someone for the first time? More often than not these days it involves checking their profile on social media. This allows people to present a version of themselves that they allow everyone to see. This is the case for businesses as well as the regular person.

Gives you a sense of community

Social media encourages a sense of community. Whether this is an online version of an actual community you live in or a community of people you have never met that have something in common with you, you can exchange ideas with many people at the same time in various communities from wherever you are. It also allows people to share events and news specific to that community.


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