Website design

A strong foundation for your business is a website. This is usually the first impression that people have of your company. A clean and inviting layout creates a good first impression. It can transform your company from a seemingly small operation to a larger, professional company which can help strengthen your credibility if you are just starting out.

At The Social Dynamic, we create top quality websites at an affordable price. We offer a variety of WordPress themes, which we custom build to suit your brand.

We offer the following website design services:

Fixed price set-up
Great, clean designs
Logo design
Domain registration
Email setup
Your choice of features (image sliders, galleries, Google maps, testimonials etc)
Technical support
& more


At The Social Dynamic we are firm believers in the power of social media marketing. With 2.3 billion people on at least one form of social media, you have plenty of potential leads for your business.

At The Social Dynamic we take pride in seeing your social media presence grow and thrive. We are in tune with the constant changes and are continually monitoring our clients’ social media accounts to ensure maximum engagement.

If you are serious about growing your online presence and building a solid social media foundation, consider outsourcing to us. Our social media gurus think about all things social 24/7. Consider us your social media department at a fraction of the cost and hassle of having to employ somebody.

We offer the following social media services:

1-4 platforms (your choice)
Unique content & graphic creation
Growth & engagement
Monthly scheduled posting
Analytic growth reports
& more

Social media marketing



SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising your website to receive traffic from organic search results on search engines such as Google. If your website is optimised properly, your page should be in and around the top results in the search that matches your keywords. For example, if you own an ice-cream company in Cape Town, you would want your website to be close to the top when someone searches for “ice-cream cape town”.

When you start out, you obviously won’t have a great search ranking, so while you are building that, businesses usually opt for the paid advertisement option, which ranks your site higher than it would usually be, but at a fee.

At The Social Dynamic we can help improve your search engine rankings through organic SEO as well as Google Paid Ads.

We offer the following SEO services:

Increased search visibility
Keyword research
Improved rankings
PPC (Pay Per Click) ads
Google Analytics set-up
& more


Do you have a business that sells products? You may want to consider expanding to an online store.

As the world gets busier and less inclined to visit traditional shops, the best option to maximise your reach would be to offer online services. With an online store, your overhead expenses are low, you can sell items quicker and you are open 24/7, not just during business hours. What’s more is that your products can reach the entire world.

We offer complete e-commerce website development solutions at a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re just starting out or branching into new avenues, we will work with your budget and resources to create an efficient e-commerce solution.

We offer the following e-commerce services:

Fixed price set-up
Great, clean designs
Product photography
Catalogue design
Payment gateway set-up
& more


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